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It's disheartening to imagine that these big corporations are moving here because it's either been implied or (I suspect) spelled out to them by the powers that be that there will be zero ramifications for whatever environmental damage they may cause. No doubt writing like Field Notes will become increasingly important as the transformation of Austin and the Hill Country continues to gather pace.

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Thanks for a year of great essays - I've really enjoyed them.

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I am well read (by most standards) and write and persuade for my living as a commercial real estate lawyer. I also write science fiction and poems. Your weekly post, which I read in my phone first thing in the morning, is a Sunday morning tradition for me. I appreciate the good writing, but I am more thankful and stimulated by how you see the world and that you are actually seeing it and finding the good amidst the suffering (in the Buddhist sense). I am grateful for your mindfulness and on behalf of my family I wish yours health, peace and safety for the coming year. Should you ever be in the Louisville, Kentucky area please reach out for any local knowledge you may wish for - good hiking spots, good coffee spots, etc….


Kyle Galloway

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