Spring fevers

It hasn’t rained much this spring, but it has rained enough to green up our corner of the world for that brief season before Texas gets insanely hot and mostly brown. And it’s early enough in that season (even though the season arrived a month late this year) that the mowers are still in storage, and you get to see the full flowering of the unlikely life that takes root in the untended margins of the city. Black-eyed-susans and firewheels at the base of the onramp, delicate purple dots of verbena at the edge of the pavement, Gaura in the desire path, prairie coneflower along the side of the road. Thursday morning I came upon this little patch of beeblossom in bloom behind the abandoned lighting factory, hiding the old tires beneath an explosion of native wildflowers mixed in with the invasive grasses, right by the gate where the big fat trucks come and go with their loads of new motor oil.

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